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Sivananda Part 2

The Sivananda Ashram Journey Part 2:

Day 2 through Day 14:

Day 2 was the official start of the Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy training, which in total was a 13 day course.  After that glorious 5:30 wake up bell and 6am-8am satsang, we had our opening ceremony, which included a puja (this is a traditional Indian prayer ritual to celebrate an event or deity).  It involved some chanting, being initiated into the training by the priest and teachers of the course.  

After this the 14 or so enrolled in the course gathered with Dr. Marc Halpern and Marisa Laursen, as they explained what we would be partaking in for the next 13 days, as well as introducing ourselves.  I was feeling quite uneasy that morning and still felt like jumping out of my skin with this mysterious experience I was about to venture in to.  In fact, I was feeling so uneasy that after all the other students left, I personally approached Dr Halpern and Marisa in tears explaining to them how I was in a very fragile fearful state and so much of me wanted to leave the ashram.  They were immediately healing and receptive and told me that I have been called her and the universe would not have brought me here if I wasn't meant to have the experience.  They understood my discomfort, but I could see in their eyes they knew (and I knew) that this was exactly what I needed.  Im honestly glad I had this conversation with them so they knew where I was coming from emotionally and so they could be aware of my sensitivity.  So off I went to a delicious brunch feeling a little bit better and ready to start learning.  

And now a variety of topics, thoughts, and "ah-ha" moments,

The reason I am writing this blog is not necessarily to share with you about Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy, but more to share the life lessons that I learned during my ashram visit.  I shall share these random lessons/topics in their own sections.  Feel free to read the ones that interest you! I will start in brief with a touch of ayurveda to wet your appetite or my future sharings  Enjoy...

On Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy:

 What I can say is how amazingly connected I feel to ayurveda and how i am really looking forward to integrating this into my practice and teaching.  It is as simple as why we would want to do an invigorating practice when we have been feeling sluggish or why we would want to do a grounding practice when we have been feeling agitated and unstable.  This is the medicine.  It is what the body needs, not wants.  And this can be a difficult battle between the ego and the all knowing self.  The ego may say, "but i want to move more and jump around," however the soul says, "what you need is to relax and be still."  One of my favorite quotes from Dr. Halpern during the training is "The ego shouts, but the soul whispers."  How many of us can't hear the soul because the ego the "me" self is screaming so loud that you can hear authentic voice of your soul.  I personally am raising my hand, are you?  By continuing with our toxic habits, eating toxic foods, being around toxic people, thinking toxic thoughts, breathing in toxic air, etc we are only maintaining the imbalance we created.  In order to heal this imbalance, we must do the opposite and the ego's cravings, and instead do what the soul needs us to do.  This is hard, no doubt about it! But creating new ways of being is the only way to break the chain that binds us.  On the very first day of our training, in our very first pdf slide we were learning from, we were taught that our true nature is spirit.  When we don't honor this, it causes the imbalance, then in time disease.  The work of an ayurvedic yoga therapist is to use our yoga teacher training and apply the ayurvedic principals to the yoga postures to help bring balance to the individual students.  Each yoga posture contains energetic qualities that can help enliven or soften the elements inside us.  For example, chair pose is a grounding pose that will allow us to feel more stable and closer to the earth. It also can be heating depending on how long you hold it for.  If a student is very anxious and spacey this would be a great pose for them.  This example is how an ayurvedic yoga therapist uses asana (postures) to balance the client.  We also use meditation and pranayama (breathing techniques) as well.  I am really excited to start sharing workshops and private sessions to bring healing and wholeness to you my friends.  I hope you will join me to create your most balanced self! 

The Daily Schedule:

Each day from there on out our schedule was something like this.  6am-8am satsang (optional, but i wound up participating in most mornings).  8-10 lecture,  12-4 lecture, 4-6 asana practice, 8-10 evening satsang (once again optional but the evening satsang was something i really looked forward to to complete my day). As you can see this was  a full day!

Many of you know I have a bit obsession with exercise, which is a main factor leading to my "energizer bunny" brain and feeling burnt out.  Because of this I added my yoga vinyasa flow yoga practice (mixed with high intensity cardio), for an hour-75 min after morning lecture.  Some days I did not want to add this in, however most days it helped to keep me "sane," for lack of a better word. Typically at home,  I workout for about 2 hours a day, so the one yoga class in Sivananda style (which is not flow and consists of 12 or so postures) did not satisfy my quota for the day.  Ayurveda is all about balance and practicing in my own way kept my 2 hour workout obsession at bay.  This is a big accomplishment for me to limit the amount of intense exercise daily, which I knew would be a little bit of a struggle for me during the training.  One can't go cold turkey from massive workout to minimal, as it would lead to high stress, so I was doing what served me the best.  

On Beach Walks:

Who doesn't love a sunset walk on the beach?  This was part of my personal daily routine before dinner.  Our group asana practice would end about 6 each day and after a good two hours on the mat, I enjoyed waking from savasana and strolling to the beach.  We were the neighboring beach to the Atlantis (you couldn't have two more contrasting places sharing the same beach).  I would walk from the ashram, past the atlantis, to the rocks at the end of the beach.  This was usually about 25 minutes and I treated it like a walking meditation.  I would enjoy watching the patterns of the waves.  Some days the water was so so still and then other days the waves were rather turbulent.  This is very similar to how the mind is.  When we are still, clear, and content the mind is still, however many of us live in a mental state of agitation, where the thought waves are rather active.  I would ask myself as I was walking how my mind was that day and compare it to how the waves were.  It was an amusing little question and led to moments of contemplation.  

On Coffee:

When we arrived at the ashram we are given a welcome packet which stated a few rules about the ashram.  Well, the one that caught my attention the most was NO COFFEE at all!  Caffeine is said to be a toxic stimulant, so the ashram clearly does not serve it.  What would I do without my daily coffee?  For years I have grown accustomed to having a grande cup of coffee and knew this would be a challenge.  To my surprise, I actually did not have any withdrawal symptoms throughout my 2 weeks of coffee free diet.  I craved it yes, but i was shocked I did not have any migraines or anything.  The Atlantis was a short distance away and had a starbucks but i made a vow to myself that i would try this no coffee experiment.  So instead I would walk and get an iced green tea, which was satisfying for the time being.  Of course, the day I came back to florida I went back to my coffee routine, but i was proud of myself for the no coffee accomplishment.  I honestly didn't  feel much different, although I'm sure my body appreciated it and enjoyed the break from my beloved java juice! 

On the Irony of Disney Cruise Ships

The Sivananda ashram happened to be located within a short distance to the Nassau cruise ship Port and I would see the variety of cruise ships dock daily.  On the second morning, i noticed the Disney Dream docked and I smiled to myself.  You can take the girl out of disney, but you can't take disney out of the girl.  Even though I was not working for 2 weeks, seems like disney had followed me.  The most amusing part of this happened around 5:30 or so on most days when the horns would blow alerting passengers to come back to the ship.  Other cruise lines just have an ordinary horn, however Disney's horn has a few reminiscent tunes of "When You Wish Upon a Star," "A Dream is a Wish your Heart Makes," "Be Our Guest," and a few others.  Well, around 5:30 every day most of the ashram community was at the end of their yoga practice, aka savasana time.  I would crack up to myself when the horn would blow while the entire spiritual community was resting in relaxation.  I kept thinking, "Oh they are calling me!"  I have to say it was a warm hearted feeling and made me feel connected to my Disney family more than ever.  Just a sign that I am exactly where I need to be in the world and how much I like my life balancing making fantastical magic at Disney and magic on the yoga mat.  Its my own personal way of balancing out two magical career paths!

On the Lovely Yogis I Met:

The group of us participating in the Ayurvedic training were from all over the world from Ecuador, to Ibiza, to Canada, to various US states, and one quite close to me in Winter Park.  After about day 3 we all started to bond quite well and it felt like a cohesive little family by the end of the training.  Lots of deep conversation, laughs, stories to share, some tears shed, chanting together, life experience, etc.  Thanks to Facebook it makes it super easy to stay connected to this wonderful group.  Not to mention other people I met at the ashram from all walks of life.  All of whom were on this spiritual path and seeking something greater...or maybe not even greater, but seeking to be connected with their true nature.  I think I enjoyed the satsang so much because of being a part of this community of like minded people.  I have always been a pretty independent person and one that enjoys her alone time a lot, however when I was at the ashram I found myself wanting to feel a part of the group more often than wanting to be in my own space.  My individual self needed the support..reminding me of the life lesson of small self integrating with Universal Self.  


On Meditation:

With our daily schedule, I probably was meditating for over an hour each day. For most of this time I was certainly having a difficult time being a witness to the thoughts and quieting the mind.  Many think that the purpose of meditation is to stop thinking, however the purpose is to still the mind and become an observer of the thoughts rather than become attached to them.  Our minds are extremely active and meditation is a powerful technique to help calm down this activity.  Easier said than done for sure!  I was hoping by the end of my 2 weeks, I would have been a little more of an accomplished meditator able to still the mind and have moments of clarity.  From day 1 to day 14 I rarely had an experience where I didn't sit down and have the flood of thought waves rush in, out, and around.  I was very aware of how often the thought would try and pull me into the ocean of attachment, so that is a positive! I would notice the thought and maybe linger on it for a while, but did not buy into the drama or the story that it wanted to tell me. Now that I think about it, that is huge.  Our ego is always trying to tell us a selfish story about oneself, which creates unwanted drama and pulls us further from our true selves.  To recognize the ego at work is a step in the direction of mindfulness and clear perception.  Many of our worlds are colored by the lense that we look through, which can be quite colored at times.  Meditation is one way we polish the lense and remove the dirt, grit, and grime so we can look at the world and look at ourselves with pure unaltered reality.  

On venturing out to Nassau and the Straw Market:

We had a few hours one day mid program to do whatever we felt like.  Some "time off."  Time off with no agenda was still scary to me.  I cried, yes I cried because i didnt know what to do!  Do I go with some of the ladies to Nassau and experience Bahamian culture, do I go to Atlantis and have a mini vacation, do I just relax on the beach for a few hours since I didn't do that at all?  I was torn! I was fortunate that one of my new yoga friends embraced me and told me to join them at the straw with her guidance I went.  Wow, what a culture shock.  After spending some time in a peaceful ashram and then going to a high sensory environment it was like, hello over stimulation!  And the straw market is just a huge local shopping flea market with hundreds of bahamian vendors trying to get you to buy from there shop.  You seriously can't escape without getting bombarded.  "Hey pretty lady, see something you like?" As soon as we got there I wanted to leave.  Most of what they sell as you can imagine most of the same souvenirs like shirts, bags, hats, seashells, and ummm wooden carved sculptures (some extremely phallic..yup a wooden penis keychain anyone hahah or maybe 2 dogs doing "downward dog" in a not so yogic fashion)! Definitely something to smile about.  Anyway, i got a few things as souvenirs and was happy to leave that toxic environment! Returning back felt like a return to wholesome living.  

On the Last Evening Dinner Out Celebration:

The night before the last day, all of us including our beloved teachers went out to the Marina and went to this fun bahamian restaurant.  It felt good to get out (although the food was certainly not as good as the amazingly nourishing ashram cuisine).  The highlight of this night was not the restaurant but the fun that occurred after.  About 3/4 of the group went back to the ashram, but there were about 8 of us that stayed to dance outside to the bahamian duo band...just classic island songs that make you smile.  This was seriously the most fun I have had in a verrryyyyy long time!  We kicked off our shoes and were dancing not only with each other, but it seems our energy was magnetic and we drew people of all ages into our circle.  Yes, maybe one or 2 drunk people but we were all having a freakin great time dancing and taking turns showing off our moves in the center of the circle.  Our teachers were both there with us too and were dancing up a storm! It was this feeling I have not felt in a  while where i just didn't care (in a good one)! Light hearted and carefree julie was feeling like how she felt when she would dance at a family celebration.  I was dancing with these 2 little girls..jumping and twirling with them (kind of nice not being my disney alter ego and dancing with them as myself).  It was getting late so we left only to stumble upon a one man band and we stopped and danced there for a bit too!  Then as we were leaving we were all singing a few songs that Dr. Halpern had taught us, "I am not this body" and another one called "Life is a game." Just fun catchy little tunes. Many people thought we had a few, but as Dr. Halpern said we were "drunk of yogic love."  So true! And I felt that! Wow, such a great night! 

On the last Day:

So my blog is getting quite lengthy and its time to publish this for you all to read.  Our last day of the training we had our graduation ceremony, which brought a lot of tears and a huge feeling of accomplishment.  Prayers and blessings were said, songs were song, intentions were set, and a feeling of gratitude for the experience flooded us all.  We now had the training to go out into the world, into our communities and beyond sharing ayurvedic yoga therapy! Later we all ate dinner on the beach together and went to satsang that night as one collective.  It was a very auspicious way to close out the training and spend the last evening at the ashram!  

Leaving the ashram the next morning was a bit surreal.  I arrived at the ashram wishing my experience was over before it started, and as i was leaving i wanted to stay a few more days.  I actually looked into changing my flight, but that was a pricey plane ticket!  Who would have thought I would want to extend my stay after 2 weeks!  A few of us left at the same time, took the little boat back to the dock, to the half hour cab ride and to the airport.  The Sivananda ashram chapter of my life was at its final page as I left the Bahamas, however only to open up the next chapter immediately after.  The post ashram chapter...The Button has been RESET!

Transitioning and Moving Forward:

I was lucky that my good yoga friend Mike from One Yoga came to pick me up from the airport, which was great because I was able to share yoga stories with a fellow yogi.  Honestly, I knew coming back was going to be difficult for me because of the extreme opposite environments, so Mike was a very calm presence to come back to florida to.  After he dropped me off back at my place with my mass amount of luggage, I took at deep breath and was like, "well now what?"  Before I left, I was so distracted by preparing and packing for the trip that it kept my mind active.  Now I was back with all this experience embedded in me and I didn't know what to do next.  Well, unpack for one thing which took me quite a long time.  I wound up going to a warm flow yoga class that evening because I wanted to flow and cleanse.  With my ayurvedic knowledge, I knew this was probably not the best choice to take after flying and wanting to get settled, however it felt right in my heart and I listened.  Personally, it felt really great to flow that way again and the warmth felt cleansing.  I did have a lot of energy after, it was a nice energy surge!  Ok and i admit, i went to starbucks after to do some journaling and had my first coffee (decaf) in two weeks.  Ahhhhh, sweet java juice!  It didn't have a decaf response in my physiology though! My heart was racing!  

Before bed that night, I meditated and listened to a recording of my favorite chant from the satsang.  My intention I set for myself is to practice meditation daily, honor that i need to slow down, and remember that the work i do is an act of service.  Whether I teach, perform, or just work on life it is all bring goodness to others, to not create waves, but to create calmness.  

Its been a week and 2 days since I have been back and I'm doing well with my intentions.  I do a short meditation in the morning, one in the evening and if i can one in the afternoon.  Total is about 2ish min a day.  I only have had a few days of crazy 2 hour long workouts, and other days i split between an hour of workout accompanied by an hour yoga practice.  It has definitely helped to slow me down and make me feel satisfied in movement, without burning myself out.  

I feel so much lighter, clearer, positive, uplifted, and hopeful upon my return.  I don't wake up with the clenching feeling at my heart, or wake up in fear of the day or dreading the day.  Instead I wake up knowing that I am exactly where I need to be, that i have work ahead of me that is both magical and real, whatever i do it is divine work ( i try and remember this each day which can be difficult especially when faced with a frustration, toxic person, or toxic energy...but this is life).  Many people have said to me that I look so much happier and glowing once again.  I lost this glow for a while there feeling gray and dim. Now I can honestly tell you that the spark has been lit and I do feel the light is bright once again. To type these words and see them on this blog in front of me is miraculous.  It has been quite a journey and i have so much gratitude for the Sivananda Ashram experience.  In the near future, I will be teaching workshops and private lessons in Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy, which i am excited to start.  More important than the course itself though, was the path back to my heart.  To feel like me again, someone who i thought i lost.  I had to take a little downward plunge for a bit, but now I have climbed up and out, and on my way toward climbing the next mountain in my life.  I honestly don't know the destination of the peak of this mountain.  My goal is not to go from point A to point Z.  My journey is to go from point A to point BE!!! 

Dr. Halpern shared this with us about life as a human being and our ultimate dharma (aka life path)..
Question: Who are you?
Answer:  I AM DIVINE

Question: Why are you here?

Question: Where are you going?

To this I say, 

Thank you so much for reading dear friends!  See you on the path...



Thank you thank you thank you Mom, Dad, and Jeff for encouraging me and supporting me on this journey.  It wouldn't have happened without you! No words can emote the amount of love I have for all of you.  You are my heart and i love you!  

The Sivananda Ashram Experience Part 1

Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy Certification at The Sivananda Ashram in Nassau, Bahamas.
March 9-23, 2016.  


Greetings dear friends!  I wanted to share with you a blog post (yes it has been a while) about my experience at the Sivananda Ashram.  This is very much a free write/journal entry about my 2 weeks is 100% a truthful telling about my thoughts, emotions, lessons I learned, etc.  Hope you enjoy.  Namaste!

First, a little backstory...

Rewind to the day after Thanksgiving, when I went home for a few days to not only celebrate the holiday with my family, but also I simply needed time home to collect my thoughts and be nurtured by my loved ones.  Since last summer, I have not felt like myself and my mind had been in constant planning, analyzing, worrying, doubting, etc mode.  For several months (and i know many of you noticed), I was both suffering from anxiety and mild depression. Looking from the outside - in, my life looked pretty darn good.  Performing at Disney, teaching yoga, i was healthy, i had a supportive family..what could be wrong with that? Well my "monkey mind" as the yogis call it, was transforming my perception daily and looking at the world through very dim lenses.  "Your thoughts create your world," or "As you think, so you become."  My worrying about every day little stresses to bigger career type stresses took over my life.  I was waking up with a feeling of my heart being griped and this would carry on throughout the day until sleep.  Basically, the only time my thoughts were not racing and my body finally slowed down was when i went to bed.  I knew in my heart that I have not been feeling like my once very bright inspirational light was being covered by clouds, it wasn't extinguished but it sure felt like it.  Most of you know that I work pretty much 7 days a week and don't give myself a break.  I was at the point where any amount of free time frightened me.  I don't know what to do with free time because it forces me to slow down and be with the thoughts.  This can be a scary place to be.  If I wasn't performing, teaching, eating, or working out for my 2 hours a day, then I didn't know what to do with that extra time.  I needed time off...i needed to be reinspired...I needed a reset button! 

The study of Ayurveda was always intriguing to me and before moving to Florida I was actually on scholarship at the Open Center in NYC to become an ayurvedic wellness counselor, which was a training that lasted 8 months for one weekend a month.  3 months into the program and I got the call to be a full time performer in disney! (my dream!!! but now i was happily involved in this training and had a decision to make).  Being that yoga and ayurveda have been around for thousands of years, I decided that trainings like that are always present, but opportunities like performing for disney (one that i prayed and wished for since i was a little girl) were a little more time sensitive and fleeting.  Divine timing for sure! So, I decided to withdraw from the program, feeling like ayurveda training was unfinished, but happily dancing my way off to the happiest place on earth.  

Back to November 2015 and being at home.  I still get mail back in good old Massapequa from a lot of yoga places that i may have expressed interest in several years ago or printed newsletters that I never updated my address.  On my desk in my childhood bedroom I see a colorful brochure for the Sivananda Ashram.  I scanned through it and then saw this Ayurvedic yoga therapy certification and thought...hmmmmm and then my mind was like oh its too expensive, i won't get the 2 week time off, i feel so uninspired that i don't even want to go anywhere, etc.  The family and i were chatting and discussing how what Julie needed was to get away and take some downtime.  Maybe go to Kripalu (which is my favorite retreat center in Massachusetts), or do volunteer abroad for a week, or do a mini travel excursion.  I brought down the brochure and felt so drawn to what i was reading about the training..went to the website and got more intrigued, however still had doubt.  Wrapped in that doubt was encouragement...the whisper to finish that unfinished business 5 years ago.  My entire family was very supportive and said that this was doable and would make perfect sense as my time off to reconnect.  I would be learning, in a beautiful environment, and in a spiritual community that is naturally healing.  Yada, yada, yada and by the end of my November stay, it was pretty much set in stone I was going! 

Fast forward to a few days before I was leaving to go...
To sum up this feeling was basically extremely nervous and hesitant.  Many of you my dear friends helped to calm me down about the packing stress and kept saying.."go...julie..go!"  Yes even up to a few days before i looked at cancelling all together.  But still, my heart kept telling me just go! 

The Journey...

On March 9th, with my 1 "refrigerator suitcase" overstuffed, and another duffle bag overstuffed I was on  my way.  I have never been more nauseous before a flight and had that heart gripping feeling the whole time on the plane.  Once I arrived in the bahamas, one would think i would be fine once i set foot on bahamian land, but not this anxious girl!  Following the ashram directions, I got my cab to the dock, which took me on a little boat to the ashram.  On this short 5 minute boat ride over i was terrified! What am i going to do once i get there?  It was only noon and the course didn't start till the following day so I basically had a whole day free (i know many of you are thinking...a day with nothing to do in the bahamas..sounds like heaven)! Once I stepped foot onto the ashram it felt like its only little peaceful island (even though my mind wasn't so peaceful).  The check in process took a very long time, which i liked because it took up time and i didn't have to worry about the free time.  I was pretty much in tears to the lovely woman at reception who was checking me in as I told her that i have never done anything like this before and i feel so lost.  She was very motherly and told me to get some food and relax until i could get in my room. So I did that...had this amazing lunch sitting on the beach.  The day after that seemed to go by slowly, but i made an agenda to keep my planning mind busy with ashram activities.  I sat on the beach for about an hour (which was actually the longest amount of time i sat on the beach my whole stay), then took a Sivananda yoga class, checked into my quaint and comfy "Om hut," then dinner, then satsang (which is an ashram gathering that took place daily from 6am-8, and then 8pm-10).  During satsang members of the ashram gather and meditate for about 25-30 min, chant for about 30 min, then listen to speaker discussing a wide range of topics around spirituality, meditation, yoga, etc).  This first one that I went to of many made me feel so jumpy and out of place...i couldn't meditate and sit still, although in the past I liked chanting I was not having it this time, i couldn't pay attention to the speaker...yet within this antsy feeling it was kind of nice to be surrounded by a community of people on a spiritual path.  As time went on during my stay satsang became one of my favorite parts of the day (well maybe not at 6 am), but I really enjoyed it and made me feel like I belong.  Honestly, I truly miss going every night.  Im currently on the search for a satsang experience here in florida.  Well, at the end of the day I was so happy that I made it through my first day!  I actually filmed a short video that night and after listening and watching it it made me realize how fearful I was to be doing something completely different and out of my comfort zone.  There was so much fear in my voice!  Unfortunately, due to the lovely nature of technology this video got deleted from my phone.  It was time for bed to wake up by the 5:30 am ashram wake up bell and begin the first day of the training...

This will lead to part 2 (to be cont)...

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Day 3

No stress September day 3:

This one is quite humorous, but will make you laugh as you "Just Be" with whatever is. Add a little tune to a meditation and it will bring a smile to your face. Your welcome!

N.S.S. Day 3

September 2

no stress September day 2

On day 2 we explore a cooking and relaxing movement meditation called the waterfall."

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

No Stress September

September 1
Hey there friends! For the month of September I bring you "No Stress September," simple tips to live a bit more relaxed and calm. Each day I will post either a short video, quote, yoga pose, or other distressing lifestyle tools. Please share and invite others to de-stress this September! Namaste y'all! ‪#‎nostressSeptember‬‪#‎yogawithjulie‬
Day 1: Meet your breath!

Friday, June 5, 2015

International Day of Yoga at One Yoga & Fitness

Celebrate International Day of Yoga
Sunday June 21st

9-10:15 am:   Warm Power Flow with Sarah, $15

10:30-11:45am:  Slow Flow with Lorelle, $15

10:30-12:  Summer “Soul”stice 90 min Flow with Julie
*Special class offering.  $20 participant fee.  A portion of the proceeds will be donated to Off the Mat into the World*

In 2014, the United Nations declared June 21 as International Day of Yoga.  The Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi stated in his address to UN General Assembly, "Yoga is an invaluable gift of India's ancient tradition . It embodies unity of mind and body; thought and action; restraint and fulfillment; harmony between man and nature; a holistic approach to health and well-being. It is not about exercise but to discover the sense of oneness with yourself, the world and the nature.” On this day, 175 nations celebrate the many gifts yoga brings to the world.  For more info please visit 1210 Bowman St, Clermont

Summer "Soul"stice/Happy Father's Day 90 min Flow

 90 min FLOW WITH
 JUNE 21TH 10:30am-12 (studio 1)

In honor of the longest day of the year on June 21st, we will welcome in the summer with a celebratory “soul”stice flow class. Coincidentally this year’s solstice is shared with Father’s Day, which makes it an even more special day.  The summer solstice is an auspicious time to honor the sun and the light within ourselves.  It marks the peak of solar energy and is a time to reflect upon our journey from the winter solstice, as well as set intentions for the upcoming months.  In our soulful flow we will connect with our light through 54 rounds of sun salutations, both traditional and creative, and wind down the practice with yin poses, meditation, and relaxation.

Specialty Class Fee: $20  (a portion of the proceeds will be donated to
Off the Mat into the World)
Register in person or at

"One learns from the perfect discipline of the sun and solar system."  Patanjali's Yoga Sutras 3.26